I’m Having a Meltdown!!!

Let’s face it. The holidays are just not the holidays until someone in the family has at least one meltdown.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be such stressful times. Especially for the family who, because they are insane, decide to host the event for so many people. If it were just “people”, it would probably be ok, but these are not people. This is family. A recipe for disaster. I’ve yet to meet a family where everyone gets along. Well, I guess it depends on how the family is broken up.

My children get along very well. They don’t fight, yell at each other, talk to me about each other behind their backs, etc. They really love each other and act like it. My other daughter really doesn’t know the other two well. They’re more like Facebook friends. They didn’t grow up with each other, so it’s difficult for them to be close, but even so, they don’t seem to judge each other. I’m very thankful for that.

As far as my siblings are concerned, it’s a whole different story. My oldest brother wants nothing to do with anyone. He lives in Chicago, so he’s well insulated from everyone else. He doesn’t call to wish anyone, except my mother, a happy birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. It works for him and we’re used to it, so it doesn’t really bother any of us.

However, if you put him in a room with one of my other brothers, there would be trouble. They really don’t like each other at all. There are good reasons for the younger of the two to feel the way he does. Never the less, there would be a meltdown of Biblical proportions. Everyone else would be ok, I think. Some of us are not as close as we used to be, but we would actually have some fun.

I think what I’ve learned through al of this, is that real family members don’t need to be related. They can be, but there are those that are really close to us who would be there for us, no matter what. Those are family members. I have a couple of those people in my life. In fact, more than a few. I am very grateful for them. We have one person like that in my wife’s family, but only one. That’s ok. We consider her and her son a real blessing.

I also have people from my first marriage who are family. I know I could count on them for most anything, at anytime. If they can help, they will. So, I am blessed with many family members, who are not blood relatives. Very blessed, indeed.

See you tomorrow.

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