I’m Doing The Super Bowl Half-Time Show!

So the NFL, not satisfied with the millions advertisers pay for the privilege of hawking their wares during the game, is rumored to have decided to make the half-time performers pay to play. I’m thinking of doing it. I just need a few sponsors willing to give me a million dollars. Anyone?


Katy Perry, the super popular singer has reportedly signed a deal to headline the show. Neither party has disclosed the financial details, so we won’t know for sure if the entertainer will pay to play to the 100 million plus television audience.


If money is the issue, I know there are people who would pay huge sums of cash to get in front of that kind of audience. Kim Kardashian comes to mind. She and Kanye could bring Northwest on the stage with them and take turns talking about how great they are.


Or maybe Kate Gosselin could have her ninth baby while the world watches. Ok, I just threw up a little bit. Gross. Todd Chrisley could hit the stage and harshly critique the first half play of each team and then scurry to safety before the players come back out of the tunnel.


Or how about making every player who is in the last year of their contract pay to play, since it is their showcase year to land the huge contract. Just a thought that is about as ridiculous as making entertainers pay to perform.


The truth is that a lot of people tune in just for the half-time show. Others for the commercials and neither of this demographic has any interest in the game. They do, however, bolster the ratings for the event, which allows them to charge advertisers more the next year. That’s how the advertising game is played.


So NFL, please stop with the greed already. It already costs more than I can afford to take my son to a single game and we would each own a Miami Dolphins leather jacket, except for the enormous cost. It’s getting out of control and I believe there will be a limit, at some point, where we’ll let you know that we’ve had enough.


Perhaps it will be in 2015, when we find out how much you charged Ms. Perry to perform.

See you tomorrow.

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