Men Can’t Sell Women’s Underwear!!

Saudi Arabia men were recently banned from selling female underwear. They were also banned from wearing them.


True Story. It was enacted two years ago. At least the selling part. That’s most likely why we don’t see men working at Victoria Secret. Can you imagine? “How was work today, Dear?” “It was horrible. No one could make up their minds, so they had to keep trying everything on until I convinced them they were very sexy.”


There isn’t a wife that I know who would ever let that happen. First off, you’d have to see your doctor to see if your heart is strong enough for the job. Not while you work, but the brutal beatings you’d get when you got home every day.


I wouldn’t want to sell underwear to either sex. Ringing it up? Okay. Stocking the shelves? Okay. Helping a guy find the pair of boxers that will turn on the magic? No. Hell no. Ain’t gonna happen.


Some things are better left to the individual. Like choosing deodorant, feminine products, preparation H… I have a good friend who is a pharmacist. I don’t know how he does it every day. They get some very strange and sometimes gross questions. Hasn’t anyone heard of Get your answer before you go to the store.


That being said, I need your help. I have this rash…

See you tomorrow.

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