Don’t Ruin My Sandwich!

Frost is weird. Sunshine is wonderful. Snow is great. Rain is delicious. But my favorite thing is pastrami.

I love pastrami. Put it on a cheeseburger, hotdog, just about any sandwich; spectacular. How about a pastrami omelet? Don’t mind if I do. Great stuff. Or maybe just a good, old fashioned pastrami sandwich? Unbeatable.


Just like any meat, the way the pastrami is cooked makes a huge difference. There is a restaurant here called Crown Burgers, who serves up the best pastrami burger I’ve ever tasted. In fact, Crown Burgers was featured on The Travel Channel’s “Man vs Food”. They thought it was awesome, too.


Just as pastrami cooked and seasoned well is so wonderful, if it is cooked poorly, it is a horrible disappointment. I haven’t found any place in this state that rivals Crown Burgers. There is a place I tried that actually was good, so I tried it again, and it was awful. Obviously, not a consistent recipe.


I realize that no one should ever be this excited over a sandwich, but I’m weak. I buckle. When Subway first came out with a pastrami sandwich, I thought it was awful. First of all, it looked nothing like a real pastrami on a hoagie roll. And it didn’t taste good, either.


And don’t even get me started on turkey pastrami. Turkey? Really? That would be like The Outback Steakhouse serving a turkey ribeye. It’s just absurd. If you’re going to have pastrami, get the real thing.


In an age of knock offs of everything from watches to handbags to cell phones and so many body parts augmented, it’s refreshing to get the real thing. A big, beautiful, delectable, lean and perfectly cooked pastrami sandwich.

I wonder why I battle my weight so much?

See you tomorrow.

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