National Crash Day!!

I drink so much coffee, it keeps me awake at night. It gives me the shakes. Why is it that nothing from Columbia ever slows you down?


So yesterday was National Coffee Day. Lots of coffee and donut shops were giving free coffee to people. I would imagine that many of the potential free loaders bought food items to compliment the coffee, which is what the shops are hoping for.


If people are coming in to Dunkin Donuts to get free coffee, I think most would pick out a fresh, delicious treat to go with it. If you’re Starbucks, you’re really banking on it, because they sell breakfast and I’m not sure everyone knows that.


McDonalds got the drop on everyone. They began giving out free small coffees a week ago. You can bet they are also selling a lot of dollar menu items. In today’s market place, it doesn’t seem to matter what you sell, a key element is to give something away for free. People love free stuff.


I went to breakfast with a friend who loved getting freebies. He was crazy about it. Before we left, he started asking the server for something free. He didn’t care what it was, so long as it was free. She kept telling him no and he kept asking.


“How about just one pancake?” “No.” “A waffle?” “No.” “I have to get something for free!” So she handed him a sweet & low and off we went. I was very embarrassed and never went out to eat with him again.


The whole concept of gift cards is to entice the consumer into the store to get something they think is free, but the company executives know that if you spend your gift card, you’re likely to spend 70% more than the card is worth. They also used to make money off of the cards with monthly service charges, too, but consumers caught on to that one.

There are a lot of cheapskates in the world, much like my free loading friend. When I had my radio shows and did a live remote broadcast for a sponsor, many times they would give away free hot dogs and sodas to get people to come down. I’m not kidding you, there would be families that would show up and make it dinner. They’d get in line a
few times, fill their bellies, then scoot.


I don’t know. I kind of think you get what you pay for. People tell me all the time that if I want to sell more books, I need to give something away. I don’t care how many books I sell or don’t sell. I enjoy writing and seeing them get published and if they make people laugh, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.


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