Hit Men!

One of my most popular blogs. I can’t write today, due to a hand injury. Enjoy!

Jerry Mabbott's Blog

There is a group of women who is suing the mafia to change the name “hit man” to “hit person”.


Life in the mob is not quite like the days of old, where every day turned into a blood bath, but if we’re to believe the exploits of John Gottie, as presented by the news agencies, it may be happening on a more quiet agenda. Publicity, once relished by the AL Capones of our world, is considered bad for business.


As for women playing the role of a fixer, (someone who makes problems go away), I have no idea how many there might be. All I know about today’s mob is what I see in the movies and on tv. If you believe that “The Sapranos” was accurate, then no, no female hit persons.


I loved the film, “Prizzi’s Honor”, starring Jack Nicholson and Kathleen Turner. They were both…

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