Evan Sebenius Update!

Many of you know that my nephew, Evan Sebenius, passed away last Sunday while trying to complete a half marathon.


Many people have asked what happened. We don’t know. Evan had been working with a personal trainer and was eating the right foods, getting in his training runs in and hydrating properly, as well. It is just a horrible tragedy.

Others have asked what they can do to help. There will be an “Evan Sebenius Memorial Run”, a 5K taking place on November 2nd, along the same route as the race that Evan ran. Runners can register for free by clicking here, and anyone can donate to the family by clicking here.


Other people are conducting virtual runs in their locations, as well. I know of two such runs in Georgia, and another in Utah. If you are planning to participate in one, please leave a comment with the city and state it will be taking place.

Details about the memorial run are still in the works, but here are the plans so far:

* When: November 2nd, 2014, 9 am.
We’ve been given a heads-up that this is the “Fall Back” day for Daylight Savings, so be aware!
* What: 5k memorial run
* Location: Tolt-McDonald Park in Carnation, WA

This is the same location as Evan’s last Half Marathon, and our course will be out-and-back with the same start and finish line that Evan’s race had.

* Option to do a “virtual” run in Evan’s memory
* Race will be free. 
* There will be registrations, for the purpose of a headcount and a “hold-harmless” waiver for the event.

Also, if you would like to participate in either the physical or the virtual versions of the memorial run: there is a
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE to stay up to date on what’s going on:
Evan Sebenius Memorial Run Facebook event page.

Please feel free to bring pairs of used (but wearable) or new running shoes to the event. We will have a memorial at the spot where Evan collapsed, where we will create a tower of shoes for donation to people in need, in partnership with Road Runner Sports.

Other details, including whether or not the run will be timed or include medals/ribbons, and whether everyone might all wear Evan’s final Half-Marathon bib number, are all under discussion.  A number of volunteers are actively discussing and planning such things now, with thoughtfulness regarding doing things cleanly but thoroughly to plan a fitting memorial run event in a short amount of time.  It is all happening very quickly.  Please stay tuned.

We are looking for sponsors for the race.  It will be free to attend and participate, but there are permits, water stations, liability insurance, Port-a-Potties, post-race food and drinks, and other such things that would be great to have covered.  If you or your company can help us cover those costs separately from fundraising please let us know.

If you would like to volunteer to help make this event happen, please send a message to Erik Browne on Facebook with your contact information, or email him at uueditor@gmail.com if you are not on Facebook.

As far as Evan’s parents, Frank and Linda Sebenius are concerned, they are so appreciative of all efforts or even comments about the impact Evan had on others.

“First of all, we want to thank everyone involved in the creation of this memorial run. This was Evan’s first attempt to do a formal half marathon. He trained diligently with a personal trainer. Evan watched what he ate and drank but still enjoyed life to the fullest.

As Evan’s parents, we thought we had experienced all of the facets of this amazing young man. Little did we know, that through this tragic event, it would be revealed the extent to which Evan’s life had impacted so many others.

The response from friends and family in a sphere of humanity we did not even know existed, has come forward to show us how he has changed the lives of so many people. Evan was a generous, kind, intelligent young man that seemed to be a huge part of hundreds of people’s lives. His spontaneous humor, deep philosophical opinions always kept the fires lit in every gathering forcing friends and family to examine themselves and laugh at themselves and toast to the next gathering. Rest in peace, Evan. You are loved by all.

As a side note, Evan was an organ donor and, again, through his generous spirit, is able to help 40-60 people with his passing. He was also a regular blood donor.”

-Frank Sebenius

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