Aw, Nuts!

Three boys appeared before a judge on misdemeanor charges of causing a disturbance at the zoo. The sequence of their stories went like this.. “My name is Michael, and all I did is throw a peanut in the elephant exhibit.” “My name is Ayden, and all I did is throw a peanut in the monkey exhibit.” “My name is Paul, but my friends call me Peanut…”


It’s always good to have a friend around who will do just about anything you ask them, without hesitation. I’ve had friends like that, but it never seemed to work out to my advantage.


Once, in Junior High school, our class met in the home economics room, complete with seven or eight ranges. On this particular day, my group’s crazy friend brought a roll of caps that would stick to any surface. We switched classrooms after lunch, so I thought it would be great to have a little fun.


So I talked him into letting us use the caps to place one under every chair leg in the room. We got into the room during lunch and did exactly that. We moved each chair back just enough so that the students would have to scoot the chairs in.


I also set the stove timers to go off in five second intervals. Awesome! So, we were in our math class after lunch when we saw our homeroom teacher ask to speak with our math teacher outside. Uh oh.


Next, they took my crazy friend outside to speak with him. “I’m safe”, I thought, “he’ll never rat me out.” Man, was I ever wrong! The kid sang like a canary. He not only ratted me out, he plea bargained for immunity, just so they could get me. I sort of had a reputation for pulling of some pretty cool pranks and never getting caught.


This was the first time I had been introduced to the real “board of education”, a wooden paddle with holes in it so that there was no wind resistance between the time the principal began to swing the paddle and the time of impact on your derriere.

Man, that hurt like crazy, but I never let out a peep or shed a tear. They would never break me! I encountered the board several times after that, all for great pranks that gave me such joy that outweighed the pain by far.


Like hearing the blow by blow recount of the day the class came in to the home ec room and slid in their chairs. There were tiny, but loud explosions everywhere and the teacher was losing it. Then the stove timers started going off. How awesome was that?

I can’t remember the pain from the board of education, but I still remember the fun as a result of the prank. And really, isn’t that really what school is all about?

See you tomorrow.

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