I went kayaking in Florida once and capsized the stupid thing. I decided to swim back to shore, but I was afraid of alligators. I saw a guy in a boat and asked him if they’d had problems with gators here. “Gators? Nope, they’ve been gone for years.” I felt instantly relieved. Then the guy said, “The sharks got ’em.”


I actually spent a good deal of time in Florida. I really like it. Sure, it’s hot and humid, right in the middle of Hurricane Alley and the average age is higher than the temperature, but I still enjoyed it. Orlando, Naples, Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Miami, Coral Gables, Nashville.. Wait, not Nashville. That can’t be right.


Like everywhere I’ve traveled, I always eat the local cuisine, no matter what it might be. I’ve written about my experiences in different parts of Canada where I had french fries all over my pizza and maple syrup poured on my denver omelet, etc. So, while in Florida, I had some gator.


Gator does not taste like chicken. I don’t know why so many people think any exotic meat tastes like chicken. Remind me never to come over to have chicken at their house, because they’re definitely cooking it wrong! In fact, gator has a very distinctive flavor like nothing else I’ve tasted.


I also tried frog legs that were very tasty. I even tried turtle soup, which I also liked. What else? Fried grasshoppers, rattlesnake and my all-time favorite, escargot. I order escargot every time we go to a French restaurant. It has become my favorite food, followed closely by baguettes and a variety of french cheese.


Ok, now I’m hungry for escargot, but it’s 8:30 in the morning. Where will I find that dish at this hour? Hmm, I think I’ll have a look in the back yard…

See you tomorrow.

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