Mouse Flavored Cat Food!

Why is there no mouse flavored cat food? Parakeet cat chow? Instead, they have stupid flavors, like beef. Who decided cats like beef? When was the last time you saw a pack of cats take down a cow?


Whether you prefer cats or dogs as pets, we love ’em. I don’t know about fish. They’re sort of hypnotic and calming to watch, but at some point, you realize that you’re watching swimming creatures doing the exact same thing for hours.

And if there is a sign on the aquarium that says, “please don’t tap on the glass”, we must tap on the glass. It’s impossible to resist.


Just like when you enter a pet store, and there’s a parrot on a perch, but there’s a sign that tells us not to talk to the bird. So, I talk to the bird. I must. I love birds. They are very entertaining, and make wonderful companions. Plus, if you talk to yourself, people won’t think you’re crazy anymore, just talking to the bird.

All pets need attention, affection and tender loving care. If you’re not prepared to make those commitments, please don’t own one. Many think even fish are easy maintenance. Far from it. Water needs to be filtered, tanks need to be cleaned and you have to be sure that you get fish that are not cannibals.


My point is, please don’t obtain a pet if you’re not prepared for the responsibility. They’ll end up in a shelter, where many are euthanized.

Let’s take care of our pets. They are treasures which God entrusted to us.

Except spiders. They’re gross.

See you tomorrow.

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