Breakfast Can Kill You!

Breakfast at McDonalds is like a breath of fresh air, except fresh air won’t eventually kill you.


There is just something about those egg and sausage mcmuffins that make them nearly impossible to resist. They taste so good. The sausage mcmuffin is only a buck, so you’re automatically tempted to get more than one.


If you’re thin, you don’t worry about it. If you’re like me and trying to drop a few pounds, you either justify it or feel awful about your purchase. We all know that that kind of food will eventually kill us if we have it on a regular basis, but on the way to work, there’s nothing better.


My wife and I limit these food purchases to holidays and other special occasions, like Thursdays. Thursday is special because it only occurs once a week. Therefore, it qualifies as a special occasion. See? I am great at justification.


I’m kidding. We don’t have them every Thursday. We have them on Wednesday. After all, Wednesday is hump day and we need a little nudge to get us over the hump. That reminds me; I love the Geico commercial with the camel who walks around an office asking everyone what day it is. I think I really like it because the camel is obnoxious, and there are few things funnier than an obnoxious camel.


On Christmas Eve, we get two quarter pound big bite hot dogs from 7-11. A long time ago, when I was working in a retail store, I didn’t get home in time to go out to eat, which is a tradition for us, so we bought a couple of hot dogs for dinner. Even though we go out to dinner on Christmas Eve now, we still get a couple of big bites for a late snack. It’s ok because it’s a tradition.


Calories don’t count on holidays and special occasions, we all know that. God said it was so. I’m pretty sure that’s in the Bible. One thing is for certain. If it weren’t for our wives, most of us guys would croak before forty because we would have fast food for every meal. That’s what I used to for grocery shopping. I avoided going to the store like the plague. That reminds me, how hard is it to avoid the plague these days? In my lifetime, I’ve never met one person who had the plague.

See you tomorrow.

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