I’ve Lost My Mind!

I have many wonderful memories; I just can’t think of any right now.

Isn’t it strange that the older we get, the more difficult it is to recall things? The condition I have causes short term memory loss, but even prior to the onset of the illness, I began having trouble remembering names, phone numbers, etc. I can remember things from my distant past, but not a TV show that I watched a month ago.


I can’t be the only one of my friends with this problem. I’m pushing 60 now, and I’m trying to remember if my father had this problem. If I could only remember how to get in touch with my mother, I could ask her. Seriously, my old man had a memory like a steel trap. Old, rusty and illegal in many states.


I would think that as the brain absorbs more information over the years, it might make recall easier. But, then again, I’ve noticed that politicians seem to have bad memories. They can’t seem to remember things that they said when they were running for office. I feel sorry for them. Their condition must be very difficult to live with.


The president of Syria had it really bad. He couldn’t seem to remember ordering the deployment of rockets filled with deadly chemicals that killed so many, including over 400 children. But, I’m sure it’s just the PLOMS, political loss of memory syndrome. Hopefully, something will happen to refresh his memory. I guess being a ruthless dictator has it’s drawbacks. Who knew?


I wonder if there’s rehab for PLOMS? Maybe I should start one. Who am I kidding? I would forget the place and time and they probably would as well.

See you tomorrow.

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