The Cloud Took My Money!

My bank is like the cloud. I put money in and it then it’s inexplicably gone.


I’m not exactly sure what the Cloud is, or exactly how it works. I’m told it’s a massive hardware configuration to store items from computers and phones, so they don’t get bogged down.


I don’t know, but I DO know I don’t like the name. I use Drop Box, and I assume it’s similar. Cloud is just too mysterious for my trust. Closet? Yes! I get that. If I don’t want to clutter a room with clothes and other items, I put them in the closet and retrieve the items when I need them.


I’ve never put anything in a cloud. Gravity would come into play, would it not? What if things fall from it? Where would you find it? Where would you even begin to look?

I’ll stick with Drop Box. I’ve put many things in boxes, and I can always make the box bigger if I need to. I understand that concept.


You may be thinking, “What a moron!”, and you’d probably be right.

Now I need to call the real cloud to find out where my money went.

See you tomorrow.

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