What Have I Done?!?

Years ago, I told a boss I had three companies after me, and I wanted a raise. He gave it to me, then asked which companies were after me. I said, “The electric company, the gas company and AT&T”.

I had a job once with a small cellular phone company within a huge conglomerate. There were just a few of us, but I had the lion’s share of the business. I had signed and built relationships with all of the major retailers nationwide.


One morning, our boss met with us and said they were closing our branch and we were essentially being traded to the larger company. While the other employees feigned excitement, happy to still have jobs, I knew I had more leverage because of the accounts I handled.


When we met with the new boss, who turned out to be a great guy, I made sure that I met with him last. He was negotiating salary and benefits packages and I wanted to know what he was offering the others.

When I met with him, he offered me the same thing and began gathering the paperwork. I said, “Hold on. I haven’t yet agreed to your terms”. He was stunned. I told him that I knew he was aware of my performance with the other company and that I wanted to be compensated accordingly. He suggested we continue the conversation over lunch.


We went to his favorite spot and sat at the bar for faster service in this busy delicatessen. We had been served our iced teas, when I decided to start the conversation. I motioned with my right arm, and when I did, I knocked his iced tea off of the bar and spilled the drink right on his crotch. I know! He had instincts like a cat and jumped backwards off of the stool, but it was too late.


Loo He looked at me and said, “What ever you were going to ask for, the answer is no”! Then he headed for the bathroom as laughter filled the room. Now, I didn’t know what to do. I thought about just accepting the offer, under the circumstances. He came back to the bar and said,” Don’t worry about the suit. I have another one at the office “.


I ended up as supervisor, with a substantial salary and override incentives under one condition. That I would never spill any drink on the crotch of a client. I told him I would think about it. We had many laughs over the years about that encounter. It was the single most embarrassing business moment in my life.

How about you?

See you tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “What Have I Done?!?

  1. I was eating at a drive thru & saw a friend in her brown car parked ahead of me. I got out & jumped on her bumper for several minutes. Then she opened her window & looked back at me. I said “sorry- you aren’t Aprille ” & slinked away. I wish we could be invisible at times!!


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