Helium Man!

I love being a comedian and writer. It beats my last job; I used to drive a helium truck. One day, I cut a guy off in traffic and he wanted to fight, so I picked up my truck and lifted it over my head. The guy took off like a rocket.

Watch this bit on YouTube!

Helium is fun. I know there are people who warn against using it, saying it’s dangerous. That may be true, but who can pass up on the opportunity to have fun with this magical gas when you have a balloon full in your hand? Not me.


If you really want to see just how funny it can be, do a search for Morgan Freeman on the Tonight Show. He and Jimmy Fallon used helium during their interview segment, and it was hilarious. Some people say its childish behavior, but I think its childlike and there is a huge difference.


As we transition into adulthood, many of us lose the fun side we had as kids and never attempt to get it back. I refuse! I will always be childlike. There’s nothing wrong with it. I can do everything expected of me as an adult and still be silly enough to have lots of fun.


When I was growing up, I remember not wanting to become an adult (many would say I succeeded) because they always talked about serious things and didn’t seem to have any fun, or so it seemed to me. I resolved that I would not lose my fun side and, with some exceptions, I’ve managed to succeed.


I encourage you to be fun! People love fun people. At least most do. Those that don’t seem to just complain about their lives anyway. How much fun can you have hanging out with those people?


I understand that life can throw things at you that can steal your joy. Those incidents are sad. I’m talking about people who choose to be unhappy and stoic most of the time. Lighten up! Life is much too short to be miserable the majority of the time.


Let the kid in you loose! You’ll be amazed at how that adjustment will positively change your life!

See you tomorrow.

Start by reading some very funny books that I wrote!

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