Urgent Care!

I saw an ad in the newspaper for one of the urgent care facilities. The ad read that you can “Call ahead for an appointment and avoid the wait!” Really? I’m not sure they really grasp the concept of “Urgent Care”.

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What am I, psychic? How am I supposed to know when I’m going to have an urgent care event? Knowing me, I’m certain it will happen but, not having attended mystic school, I have no idea when or where it might be. That’s why God created 9-1-1.


I read on the electronic sign out in front of one of these places that said “Walk-ins Welcome!” What if I was involved in some sort of freakish tricycle spill which rendered me unable to walk? Somehow, I think the emergency room would be a better choice.


Who understands the medical profession, anyway? Insurance plans that no one really knows how to successfully process a claim, co-pays, etc. How many times have you checked in at the doctors office and gave them your insurance card and they put everything into their computer system, then ask you what your co-pay is?


I don’t even understand the medical language. Some time ago, I read that some poor schmuck was in an automobile accident, had two broken ribs and a broken ankle. The hospital reported that he was in “good” condition. Good? Really? In that case, I’m FANTASTIC! I’ve stopped telling people to have a good day now, because I don’t want them to break their bones.


I heard a radio commercial recently for one of those clinical trials. This particular one was about depression. No lie, the guy said, “Are you depressed? Very depressed? Call our hotline now to see if you qualify for free treatment!” I’m thinking, qualify? What if I’m depressed, call, and DON’T qualify??

I think if I ever found myself in that situation, I would call and make an appointment with the Urgent Care facility.

See you tomorrow.

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