Lost at Sea!

One of my favorite movies is “Castaway”, with Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt. Hanks’ character has nothing to help him survive, except some things he found in beaten, washed up Fed Ex boxes. At least they arrived on time to help him.


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The man had to use an ice skate to knock out a tooth, not to mention himself. He learned how to survive, eventually, with the help of his pal, Wilson. Of course, he didn’t know what was going to happen, but I was thinking, what if I did, and could only bring five things, and one of them couldn’t be a boat.


Watching survivor helps in the process. Ok, here goes.

1. Flint, for making a fire. Matches or a lighter would be gone soon. Matches can also get wet, and then what do you do?


2. Fishing gear. Just a snorkel, fins and a fishing spear. That would make for a fun afternoon, every day.


3. A machete. Every castaway should have a machete to forge through jungle and build a shelter that can withstand the wind and storms, not to mention possible unruly tribes.


4. A “Survival for Dummies” book. I’ve never been in a situation like this, and I’m certainly a dummy in survival skills, so a book like that would come in handy.


5. A Ritz Carlton Hotel. The other four items would be used just in case the Ritz burned after being struck by lightning. I would be the only guest, so the staff would pamper me to no end. I would run a tab, since I have no money. Eventually, the hotel would run out of food, so they would need the fishing gear, while I relax and watch satellite TV. Maybe reruns of “Gilligand’s Island”. That would be appropriate, I think.


I could send notes home, via carrier parrots. I know there’s no such thing, but it’s my story, so I can do what I want. I would never get bored at the Ritz. How could you? So many activities and fun things to do. Tennis, anyone?


The best part is that people would think I met this horrible fate and would never look for me. Ah, sweet freedom. No bills, no worries, and maid service. And, eventually, when I had enough and wanted to return to the main land, I would have enough back pay to live out the rest of my days at a real Ritz in Naples, Florida.


Leave a comment stating what items you would bring.

See you tomorrow.

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