Nuclear or Nucular?

I think no matter how old you are, if you say nucular instead of nuclear, you should have to endure a severe beating with a dictionary.

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Nucular: (botany) Nut-shaped; of or relating to a nucule — a section of a compound (usually hard) fruit.


Nuclear: Involving atomic energy.
*A nuclear reactor
*A weapon: deriving its force from rapid release of atomic energy.
*A nuclear explosion


George W. Bush had trouble saying nuclear. In fact, many people do. I don’t understand why. It’s a simple word to use. It’s similar to using the phrase, “I could care less” in an attempt to say I don’t care. If I didn’t care, I would say, “I couldn’t care less”.


These things are not earth shattering, which is also a crazy phrase, but are just irritating. Saying that someone is orientated, instead of oriented is another one. It drives me crazy. I wish it didn’t, but it does.


When I’m describing how sick I feel, I should say I am nauseated; when I’m describing something that makes me sick, I should call it nauseous. That one is not as irritating, just confusing.

I realize that I am being very critical of things that are not really important, but every once in a while I have to vent about this topic or go mad.


Equally as irritating are people who say things like, “So, are you working hard or hardly working?” I just want to shake the person and let them know there are so many great conversation starters. “So, how are the hemorrhoids?” would be a better opener.


It’s no different than bad pick up lines, such as: “I’m addicted to yes, and I’m allergic to no. So what’s it gonna be?”, or “Here is $30. Drink until I am really good looking, then come to talk to me.” “Girl, you better have a license, cuz you are driving me crazy!”, is another one. Do these lines really work?

Or how about the guy who sees you trip and says “Have a nice trip, see you in the fall.” I think we should be legally allowed to punch that person in the throat. Same thing with the person who, on New Years Eve says, “See ya next year!” The most annoying part, to me, is that they laugh after they say it. Ugh.


I just realized that venting these frustrations is not helping. It’s driving me more crazy than I already am! “How ya doin?” “Can’t complain. Nobody’d listen if I did.” Instant throat punch.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m running late for my anger management class.

See you tomorrow.

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