Unwanted Follower!

Someone named “CIA” just started following me on Facebook, Twitter, my blog and Pinterest. Sweet! I’m on fire!

Start living your dream! The secrets of Stand Up Comedy are here! What are you waiting for?


I’ve been getting many followers on various social networks, but all four?? Very rare! I guess this Cia, (pronounced Chia, I’m guessing) really likes what I write.

Its always great to have new followers. Its kind of exciting when you get the news, either through email or the app itself. The work that you do as a blogger is finally getting some recognition. Its a good feeling, for sure.


Just a few weeks ago, a guy named MI6 started following me, too! He’s probably named Mitch or something, but that name was already taken, so it had to be abbreviated.


I really think people like my political views and commentary. For example, US Presidents always call for peace in the middle east, which I think is stupid because there’s nothing going on in Tennessee. Why focus our attention there when Israel and Hamas are ready to go to war? If I were President, that would get my attention.


Also, if I were the President, I would gather up all remaining cans of Fresca in the country and give some to as many Americans as possible. Fresca used to be a very popular beverage. I’m not sure what happened, but can you imagine how great it would be to have a government agent or a soldier ring your door bell and hand you a can of FREE Fresca? Now, that would be a good day!


I have so many more great ideas and who knows? Maybe I’ll end up at least being part of our government’s think tank. I believe I could think well inside of a tank. I could lead brainstorming sessions, especially with a white board. I’m excellent with a white board.


Gotta go. I just received a friend request from someone named “POTUS”, whoever that is. Things just keep getting better!

See you tomorrow.

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