Arthritis in Your Nose??

I’ve heard people say, “Don’t get your nose out of joint”, which makes me wonder if some people get arthritis in their nose.


I’ve always been under the assumption that the bridge of the nose is comprised of mostly cartilage. So then how can you get it out of joint? Is there really a joint in our noses? Is it possible to dislocate your nose?


Of all body parts, I think the nose and the butt are the most strange. The nose, apparently can wander off on it’s own because I often hear people tell others to keep their nose to themselves, or to keep their nose out of everyone’s business. Since the nose is unable to hear, I’m guessing it goes off to smell other people’s business, whatever that means.


Why not say, keep your ears out of my business? That makes much more sense to me. Then there’s the term “nosy”. I’m guessing it relates to the same thing. Clearly, we are very confused about how parts of the anatomy function.

Ok, now for the butt. I won’t talk about it’s function. That would be gross. Except for the sitting down part. Imagine how difficult it would be to sit without one. How would you even do that?


The fascinating thing to me, is to hear people say things like, “Get your butt over here!” Um, that’s not possible, unless you bring the rest of your body with you. Or, “I saved your sorry butt.” Really? Just my butt? And can it really be sorry? Apparently, the butt is considered the single most important body part.


I think I’m going to buy some of those fake butts people get at Halloween, so the next time someone tells me to get my butt over somewhere, I’ll just toss one of those and be done with it. If someone says they saved my butt, I’ll toss one to them and say we’re even.


See you tomorrow.

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