In my mind, Fruit Loops sound like the happiest of all circular shaped cereals.


I find it interesting that when I was a kid, we all had cereal that were loaded with sugar. Sugar Smacks, Coco Puffs, Sugar Pops, etc. Our cereals tasted great and didn’t make us fat!


Now days, most of the sugary goodness has been replaced by sugar substitutes and the cereal just doesn’t seem to taste as good. And get this – childhood obesity is at an all time high.


While I’m certain that artificially sweetened cereals aren’t to blame, after doing much research on nutrition systems like Paleo, also known as the cave man diet, low carb/high fat and more, it seems that foods that are processed and filled with toxins and preservatives may be to blame, at least as food is concerned.


Exercise is a whole other topic. You would think that with all of the soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis and cheerleading that kids are into today, obesity in kids would be on the decline.


Some people blame video games, and I think there’s a reality there. I’m not sure about parents who let their kids play these games non-stop. Maybe the video game has become the babysitter, once they grow out of the Sesame Street age.


If we opt for the easy way out, how damaging will that be to the kids? I’m just as guilty as the next person. When I was divorced, I became the McDonald’s dad. It was quick, easy and I knew they loved McDonald’s. There was even a playground! Awesome?


Not so much. I taught them horrible eating habits, which have taken them years to beat. My fault. I was tired. What parent isn’t? It’s a tough job. I wish I could jump into Doctor Who’s Tardis and go back for a do-over.


I’m fortunate that they have beaten the monster, with moderation being the key element in controlling weight. Some will still argue about the sugary cereal, but maybe if it were combined with moderate exercise, video games and more activities, the problem wouldn’t be so huge. Please pardon the pun.


See you tomorrow.

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