Billy Joel!

The Piano Man has turned into the Metamucil man.


I’m only kidding, of course. We watched Billy Joel mix things up with Jimmy Fallon, and not only can Billy still sing as good as ever, what Fallon did was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


I laughed until I cried. The whole performance was amazingly funny and Billy Joel was content with letting Fallon be the star. I was also amazed at how well Jimmy could sing.


It’s obvious that NBC made the right choice in their host replacement for the Tonight Show. CBS? That remains to be seen. Stephen Colbert? I don’t know. Maybe he’ll be great, maybe not. I do think they passed over some talented women, Tina Fey, for example.


I think Fey would have been an excellent choice. Much like Fallon, Fey is a master of improv and sketch comedy. I’m not certain how she might conduct interviews, but Fallon relies on hilarious gags instead of interviews much of the time.

I think it would have shaken things up, in a good way, to go with Fey or another very talented woman. It still seems to be a good ‘ol boys club, which in my opinion, is a shame. If Colbert can’t cut it, maybe they will consider a talented woman.


Not Joan Rivers. She is an insult comic, certainly a legend, but there’s a reason why Don Rickles never got a late night talk show. Their shtick doesn’t really work for interviewing celebrities.


Because of the success of Jimmy Fallon, I think CBS needs something completely different. The book is out and to be fair to Stephen Colbert, he may be just the ticket. Time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll keep watching Letterman and Fallon.

See you tomorrow.

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