I got into an altercation with an extremely obnoxious man who refused to move away from me, despite repeat requests to move away. I even punched the guy. In jail, my lawyer explained that my behavior was way out of line on a plane.

Some people are far too honest. You know them. Proud to say whatever is on their mind, no matter if it hurts someone or not. Very selfish, in my opinion.

Perhaps they weren’t listened to as a child. Or, they might just be obnoxious. These people brag about it, too. “I just speak my mind, and if people don’t like it, it’s their problem.

Notice that these people have no friends. If they have money, some people will hang around them, never disagreeing with them, for fear of losing what they were getting out of that kind of person.


Many times, the person is famous. Two times, I witnessed Martha Stewart exhibit such behavior. Once, at the San Jose airport, in California. She had an entourage, of course. The man that greeted her obviously knew her and immediately fell into a subservient role. He handed Martha a homemade card and told Ms. Stewart that his daughter had mad it for her. She didn’t even look at it, just handed it to an assistant and said thank you. It was a sarcastic thank you, as if to say, “I’m too busy for this”.

While living in Monterey, California, I frequented the wharf. I walked into a gift shop and guess who was ranting loudly and maniacal? Martha Stewart. When she left, I asked the clerk why she put up with it. She said that Martha was always that way when she came in, so they were used to it.

Why should anyone have to endure brow beatings of this nature? Hopefully time and doing time has caused Martha to lighten up. At least I hope so. I know people who say the aggressor is insecure and that’s why they behave that way. I disagree, at least in the cases I’ve witnessed.

I had a boss who was that way. He intimidated everyone except me. He would blurt out some ridiculous new mandate and everyone would just do it. He could tell I didn’t like it, so he would shout in my face, “You don’t agree”? I would say,”It doesn’t matter if I agree. You’re the boss and even if it’s ridiculous, you get to make the rules.”.

He and I used to travel together, all over the world. He used to brag that he was hated wherever he went. Brag? I know! How ridiculous is that?

In our seminars, he used to love to make a grown man cry. He would laugh about it. I told him I thought it was horrible. His response? “I’m going to teach you how to think”. Really?

I told him that I had done a good job of thinking prior to meeting him, so I didn’t need to learn all over again. I just wasn’t going to let this guy intimidate me. He yelled, “You act like you don’t need this job!”  I said, “I don’t. I need A job, not necessarily THIS one”. He had no idea how to react.

Please treat everyone well. We’re no better or worse than anyone else. No matter who they are, treat them well. Except for Martha Stewart and that other guy.

See you tomorrow.

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