Hash Tags and Eggs!

Whenever I see hash tags, it makes me hungry for breakfast at Dennys.


Hash tags are technology’s way of telling me I don’t really have a clue. I see them posted by others, I’ll click on them and most of the time they take me to nothing. Other times, they’ll take me to a Facebook page or some other page that is pertinent.


I have no idea. There are obvious tags, such as #mlb, if you are writing about anything dealing with major league baseball. That’s pretty obvious. But what about more obscure pages? How would you know what hash tag to use? Its a mystery to me.


I would love it if you’re talking to someone who isn’t very good at describing what they’re talking about and they could just say something like, “hash tag watermelon rinds”. Then you push squeeze their nose, like a clown, and correct and concise information comes out. That would be cool.


The biggest problem I see with that would be spouses doing it to each other. Instant friction. But what if they each agreed to it? Wouldn’t that improve communication and save time? It might even save some marriages. I think I’m on to something here.


Rumors are rampant about being able to stream human consciousness to a computer, much like in the movie, “Transcendence”, starring Johnny Depp. If that can be done, certainly verbal hash tags are possible. Who knows? A hash tag world? George Orwell was way off base.


See you tomorrow.

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