The Tonight Show!

I think it would be funny if one of the networks hired a group of gregarious psychics and do a show called “The Tomorrow Show.

There are many “Good Morning”, “Good Day”, late night shows such as “The Tonight Show”, “Late night”… You get the idea. It would be cool if we had at least one show telling us what to expect tomorrow.


If psychics are for real, why hasn’t it already happened? Think of the benefits! They could foretell all of the earthquakes that have recently hit, if gas prices will increase or decrease, if the Obamacare website will work… (apologies to my pro Obama friends)


We could even win money, because they could tell us who’s going to win the big games tomorrow – or – which teams to pick on our March Madness Brackets. Everyone would make money except for the bookies, and who cares about them?


Putin’s wife would have seen Vladimir’s behaviors prior to the divorce, Toronto wouldn’t have voted in Rob Ford, Governor Christie would not have closed the bridge… The benefits are seemingly endless!


The Tonight Show is so much better now that Jimmy Fallon has taken over. This guy is very funny. Better, in my opinion, than Leno ever was. David Letterman is still one of my favorites because he’s wacky. You never know what he’s going to do.


On Wednesday, this week, Lady Gaga was a guest on his show, and she invited the entire cast, crew and the studio audience to come over to the music hall across the street to hear her sing – and they did it! It was a sight to behold, and a huge comedy hit.


There are rumors that Letterman will retire at the end of next year, and I believe it. I think CBS is going to have to make a change to capture the younger crowds that are now LOVING the Tonight Show.

The cast of The Tomorrow Show could tell us who Letterman’s replacement will be. I just thought of another great benefit for Catholics. No more waiting for the black or white smoke to indicate that a new Pope has been chosen or not. The psychics could just tell us.


The real question is, do we really want to know what tomorrow holds in our world? Do we want to know who’s going to win the World Series or the Super Bowl? What will happen throughout the world tomorrow?

Yes!! At least I do. The real bets would become, “Are they going to be right” bets. The bookies are back in business. And the stock market? Can you imagine? I’m not knowledgeable enough about the impact all of the insider trading would have on the economy, but I know that some CEOs would start pounding the scotch before the night was over.

The Tomorrow Show? I think I’m going to pitch it. Who knows? The psychics do.

See you tomorrow.

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