Cupid Shot the Smart Phone

Love is not enough to sustain a marriage today. You have to imagine if this is the person you can watch using their Smartphone for the rest of your life.


Most people are addicted to their Smartphone, laptop or game consoles. I’m included. I spend way too much time on my phone. I can’t deny it or help it. I need an intervention. These phones are fun!


If I go somewhere and forget my phone, I panic! Ahhhhh, what will I do if someone calls? What if I’m bored and can’t play Candy Crush? What if someone is texting me right now? How can I function?


What did we do before cell phones? Talk to each other? Seriously? Is it possible to strike up a conversation with a total stranger? Even at family gatherings, people seem to use their cell phones, rather than talk. If my wife is upstairs and I need to ask her a question, I text her. She receives the text on her watch, which syncs with her iPhone. Way out of control!


I’m at least partially to blame for the ease of having Smartphones so readily available. I was recruited by Bell South to develop a plan for selling phones at retail because it was failing miserably for the second time, and they finally got the point. They didn’t understand retailing. It had to be simple.


This was how the horrible system worked: First, the sales person, with extremely little training, had to help the customer understand coverage, cell towers, hand off, why they were charged half of a minute when the other person didn’t even answer.


Once the customer chose their phone, they agreed to pay $.45 per minute! The customer would then fill out a form worse than doing their taxes. Then the sales person had to get the electronic serial number of the phone, write it on the form and fax it in. The customer would leave until called by the store, where the deposits ranged from 0 to $1,000. No joke. People would go insane!


If the customer agreed to the terms, the form would be faxed over again and they had to wait for the company’s response. Ridiculous. I was given carte blanc to revise what ever was needed for it to work at retail.


I had to turn a public utility into a retail support system. Instead of the 8-5, Monday through Friday job, it became weekends, evenings and holidays. We needed to be able to help the retailer every minute they were open for business.


I was the most hated man in the company until it started working and bonuses started flying around because the company was suddenly making millions at retail, due to the changes.


No more faxes. Instead, the salesperson only had to call the person who sat at the switch that either turned the line on automatically or let the customer know if a deposit was required. We also revised the subscriber agreement, streamlining the process from two weeks to 10-15 minutes.

So, feel free to blame me for this addiction. In the meantime, I have several Words With Friends games to play.

See you tomorrow.

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