I don’t like the Olympics. They keep me from watching new episodes of NCIS.


I know that the games are important to the athletes and their families, and I also realize that some of you might find it trivial and maybe even unpatriotic. I assure you, I love our country. The games, to me, are just bragging rights. We’re better than you are, kind of thing.


I’ve heard some say its about national pride. Really? I’m sure that when this series of games is over, the US will walk away with the most medals. We always do, so what’s the point?

I can only imagine the emotion of standing on the platform after winning the gold and hearing the National Anthem. Something the athlete and their families will never forget. We can take pride in our country.


I think it’s great, but I would much rather be proud of our country for eliminating our debt, our citizens’ hunger, our country’s role in finding peace in the middle east, getting our education system back to where our students compete on the same playing field as Japan or China. I would be proud if we balanced the trade deficit.

Let’s not kid ourselves, when the games are over and celebrity and endorsements are in place, our nation will still be facing the aforementioned problems. Although the Olympics date centuries back, make no mistake that it has become a commercial enterprise.


Russia pays 51 billion dollars? Seriously? One of the most impoverished people spends that kind of money to host the games? It’s about recognition, for sure, but it’s also about ROI. Return on investment. So, will the citizenry of Russia see any improvement in their lives as a result of the influx of revenue? I don’t think so.


But, every athlete will prominently display their sponsors logos, so I’m betting those companies might get a boost in revenue.

I guess the games are ok, but I would also love to see the world come together to help find relief from what plagues the most impoverished peoples. That I can get firmly behind and would be more than willing to give up new NCIS episodes. Who knows, maybe even Big Bang Theory.


See you tomorrow.

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