Marriage is like a rough flight. Typically, it starts out smooth. So smooth, you doze off. When you awake, due to turbulence, you realize you have a bag of nuts.



I’m happy to have been married 16 years. This shatters my old record of 9. My wife, Heather, will be the first to admit that it’s been a roller coaster ride, as I suspect most marriages are.


The wonderful challenges that children bring, job stress, domestic work stress, and financial stress take their toll. They must. A small percentage of couples know how to fight through it and succeed.


When you toss failed expectations, health issues and pets into the recipe, It’s difficult to bake the perfect marriage suffle. 50% of the time, they fall flat.

When you read most Facebook messages about anniversaries, they say something like they married their best friend. I think that’s true. I did too. Very few are STILL best friends. Too much turbulence. Too little money. Too many issues they never had prior to marrying.


I know some couples who really do remain best friends, while others sleep with their newest one. It’s tough. We’ve been faithful, that I know. The Force is strong there, but our friends know that we’ve separated and come back together. We thought we were finished, but whether it was the repeating heart felt vows or what, I’m glad we’ve made it 16 years.

So, here’s to two stubborn people, who have made it this long, and still love each other, somehow. Lord willing, we will last until one of our last nutty breaths. Happy anniversary, Heather. I love you.


See you tomorrow.

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