Talking in my sleep

My wife says I talk in my sleep. I’m betting a lot of men do. It’s the only chance we get.

This is not a women bashing session. I suppose it’s just the way we’re wired. There seem to be certain periods of time, when talking is forbidden. Like when she first gets up.

It may be different timing at your house, but I’m guessing there are times when it’s just not allowed. We don’t have that luxury. When she talks, we listen. End of story. Very simple rules, but that includes 2 in the morning. Ugh. So, we try to stay awake while it’s happening, doing our best to listen. God help you if you fall back to sleep while she’s talking, because it is presumably because we don’t care.

We do care, but could you maybe pick a different time? Unless there’s a big game on, then we won’t hear a thing you say.

We have our moments, too. Many times, we pretend to listen, but don’t hear a word you say. We usually get away with it, but sometimes, there’s that terrifying moment, when we’re asked to recite what you just said.

I think it’s God’s practical joke. Creating such polar opposites to live together, til death.

I’m Jerry Mabbott, and I approved this message.

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