I Feel Alive!!!

I have gout again, and I love it! Your foot swells up and every step feels like you’re walking on a broken foot. I’ve heard that ‘at least when you feel pain, you know you’re alive’. Um, I know I’m alive because I still have to pay taxes. I’m gonna track that guy who said … More I Feel Alive!!!

Oy!! What A Day!!

I was cleaning the garage yesterday. Suddenly, the Christmas tree box fell on me. I threw it off and it knocked over the metal gas can, which caused a spark, ignited the gas and torched the garage and Heather’s car. I am now in the witness protection program. Have you ever had a chain of … More Oy!! What A Day!!

What??? I Flunked???

I flunked my English class once. But I didn’t care. I remember thinking, “This is so lame. Like I’m ever gonna use this stuff out in the real world.” As an author, I don’t think I really thought that one through. I always hear people say the same thing about algebra, calculus, chemistry, etc. You’ve … More What??? I Flunked???