I Can’t Drive!!!

About a year ago, I happened upon a scene I’ll never forget. It was on a rainy Thursday night.. Wait it couldn’t have been a Thursday because that’s poker night. Anyway, it was downtown and… Wait, it couldn’t have been downtown because I don’t drive or take the bus. Actually, I don’t even recall what … More I Can’t Drive!!!

All Aboard!!!

Yesterday I took a train downtown. About halfway there the tracks shifted and we started going east. It wouldn’t stop. When we finally did, it was a 30 borscht stop. It was cool because I had never been to Russia. Plus I was all wet. My friends don’t believe me, but I’m pretty sure it … More All Aboard!!!

I’m So Broke!!!

I’m not sure why people still say, “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that…”, alluding to the fact that they’d be rich. Seriously, how many times would someone have to hear the same exact thing to get rich on nickels? I calculate that someone would need to hear the same thing … More I’m So Broke!!!